What would be like Future Twitter , after Elon musk secured the largest share??

Social media giant Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal declared recently that Elon Musk would be becoming a member of the platform's board of directors after all it is found out that Musk is now Twitter’s biggest shareholder. As an extended-time Twitter consumer with a following of more than 80 million, Musk has to turn out to be a favorite of many of the corporation’s higher-ups: Former CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted Tuesday morning that he’s wanted Musk on the board “for a long term.”

Musk has complained that Twitter limits unfastened speech, even teasing that he was giving “critical concept” to starting his own social media platform. Instead, he will be bringing these ideas to Twitter. Agrawal seemingly sees Musk’s issues with Twitter as a plus, calling him each a “passionate believer and intense critic of the provider.”

Twitter will no longer be just an area for Elon Musk to make outlandish guarantees and Tesla announcements. Now, it could be an area for him to make changes — probably elaborate ones, at that.

Critics of Musk’s appointment to the board are concerned that Musk’s influence will revert the platform back to a darker time before the company got serious about content moderation and abuse prevention. Folks still face harassment on Twitter, and rolling back those efforts would make the user experience worse.

“I hope the team at Twitter is figuring out how to limit Musk's influence. They've been making progress on harassment, and now they're a target. He wants to take them back to a free-for-all, and most users don't want that at all,” tweeted former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao.

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