How To Make Money on YouTube in 2022 (6 Effective Ways)

1. $840 per week for commenting on Youtube videos

Have you ever commented on a Youtube video?

 If yes, then you can be one of the candidates that some company going to hire for this simple remote job. Here's the story, one of our clients has an educational startup for which they created a Youtube channel as a platform to educate students. And now, they're looking for ordinary Youtube users to manage their Youtube channel.

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2. $900/week posting YouTube videos

Most people think you can’t generate money from YouTube unless you have thousands of followers, but small companies are paying remote workers to upload their pre-made content for them. We’re working with several of these companies to help them find people to fill these roles. Check out the job spec below to see if this could be a good fit for you…

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3. $280 per day posting YouTube comments

With the job below, earning money by posting YouTube comments is a simple four-step process:

1. Click the pre-given link to company’s YouTube video

2. Log into company commenting account

3. Copy and paste the pre-written comment into the box

4. Post!

It takes about 2 minutes and you can make $200 per day doing this. Here are the job details…

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4. $750 per week for posting food reviews on YouTube

Do you like watching delicious food reviews on youtube? Everyone loves it. Somewhere deep inside our DNA, we all have a subtle instinct that attracts us towards delicious foods. And that's why people enjoy watching food reviews on Youtube. But what if you get paid for this? Well, that's what this job is all about. Read all the details here…

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5. $190/day YouTube unboxing job

I want to offer you this $190/day YouTube job. But first I must check that you can perform the basic tasks required. So, do you think you can handle this four-step process?

Download premade video content we'll send you

Upload the video content to the YouTube account we'll provide you with

Input title for the video we provide you with

Receive payment of $35-$50 per video

I hope that seems manageable to you because we’re ready to get you set up with this job right now.

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6. $945 per week for helping a magician with his Youtube channel

Do you like watching videos of magicians performing impossible-looking magic tricks and illusions? Well, yes they're fun to watch and are quite cool. And what's cooler is that, getting paid for watching it. If you have an interest in this topic, read all the details here…

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