How to make Money With Blogging? The 5-Step Formula


While there are countless reports and articles that overcomplicated the process of making money with blogging, here’s a basic overview of how it’s done:

 1: Create a blog and register a memorable domain. Avoid remotely hosted options. You need to be in full control of your website so you can take advantage of all the different revenue options with no limitations (or other people’s advertisements). 

2: Write (or outsource) killer content that will generate traffic and drive visitors in. This content needs to be extremely high-quality, targeted and informative. All meat, no veggies. 

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3: Convert your visitors into email subscribers so you can build your list. A newsletter is key in building a successful blog online. Scratch that; a newsletter is essential to be successful in nearly ANY market online. You will never make as much money without one. Six Figure Blogging: Special Report 

4: Communicate with those subscribers regularly so your lists don’t run cold. Build rapport and trust. Nurture relationships with your market. This is where you can build a recognized brand as an authority in your market and set yourself apart from the competition (especially those bloggers who aren’t doing this!). 

5: Sell products and services to your audience via your blog and through your newly cultivated newsletter. Sounds easy enough, right? It is. But it will take time. Let’s dig into each of these steps a bit deeper so you better understand how it works. CREATING YOUR BLOG This report is focused on how to make money with your blog, so I won’t go into detail about building the platform. Just know that you should always choose a memorable domain that is targeted to your market and that you set up a professional hosting account that houses your blog. Don’t use a free host or a remotely hosted option like Blogger. 


 The type of content you create will depend on your target audience, Six Figure Blogging: Special Report but every piece of content should always be informative and the juiciest, most relevant topic you can come up with. Your content will be what drives in traffic and keeps visitors returning to your blog. It needs to establish your blog as an informative source of content in your market so make sure you spend extra time crafting compelling content (or outsource to experienced writers who know your market inside and out). Insider Tip: An easy way to provide extra value on your website is by using a plugin  that will turn your article content into PDF files that your visitors can save to their computers. This lets them read it at a later time, keeping their attention and increasing your chances that they will digest your content. 

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